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Why 'Gilesta' can be your best employer?

August 22, 2023

Some reasons to work for us:

- Work / leisure balance.

We can do a lot for our clients, but only when we are rested and energised. That's why we have a clear separation between work and rest time. We like to have fun together!

- Team feeling.

We can't imagine working for a construction company without a united team and a strong sense of teamwork. We consider teamwork based on communication and trust to be our strength.

- Victories.

We are motivated by achievements. Anticipating risks, solving problems and completing a challenging project gives us a sense of victory that encourages the team to take on new challenges and strive for even better results.

- Clear processes.

We see construction as one big project with many different factors to manage, so we have proven technology tools, digitised processes and a few steps ahead of time that allow the team to work smoothly and without stress.

- Career opportunities.

We nurture our professionals, encourage career changes and invest in the professionalism and development of our team. In cases where an employee is no longer happy in his or her position, we analyse the reasons together and, based on the competencies, offer opportunities for a new position.

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