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Duration of the construction process

August 16, 2023

It is difficult for those, who do not work in construction, to understand the factors, that affect the business and we sometimes hear comments or even negative comments about the length of construction. Probably on behalf of all builders it can be said, that:

- No, the project is not being delayed in order to make more money. On the contrary, every deviation from the schedule is an additional construction cost;

- No, the 7am start of work is not to annoy the residents of the district, but rather, to get the bulk of the noisy construction processes done as quickly as possible, so that people can rest in silence, when they return from work;

- No, the lack of construction workers on the site is not because the company is irresponsible in its approach to its work. It might be waiting for the right weather, the right document from the authorities or an important decision from the client.

Construction is not only a fun, engaging process, but also an activity that requires effort, concentration and patience, often even from the people around you. The aim of builders is to create a comfortable and beautiful city for its inhabitants. Let's be more tolerant!

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