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Construction works of recreation buildings at G.D.Kuverto str.13, Neringa

Builder: JSC „Urbo slėnis“

Start date: 2021 Q I

End date: 2021 Q IV

Total area: 509.18 sq.m

Value: 6.95 mln. eur

During the project, it is planned to build two recreation buildings, where it is planned to install apartments for family recreation. Each of the two buildings will be equipped with two holiday apartments, on the ground floors of which there will be lounges with kitchens, bathrooms, and attics with bedrooms. It is planned to install 159.7 m2 of four-bedroom apartments for 6-8 people and 125.9 m2 of three-bedroom apartments for 4-6 people in one building. In the next building, it is planned to install 111.22 m2 of four-bedroom apartments for 6-8 people and 112.36 m2 of four-bedroom apartments for 6-8 people. Newly built recreation buildings of one floor with an attic, clear rectangular shapes with sloping roofs, corresponding to the functional purpose and typology of the buildings. It is planned to use natural construction and finishing materials typical for the architecture of the Curonian Spit for the construction and finishing of the building: gray wood is used for wall finishing. For roofs – natural clay variegated tiles of brown-pink shades. The buildings will comply with energy efficiency class B. Acoustic comfort class C.