About us

We are a general contracting company, that works to deliver the best collaboration experience and results for our clients.

At Gilesta we love the challenges of our profession! We have many years of experience in construction management and contracting, which allows us to anticipate potential project risks, rationalise resources and manage a very wide range of construction processes, monitor and control the developments on each site live and ensure micromanagement capabilities. Gilesta is a construction partner and expert.


Why do customers choose Gilesta?

We are looking for solutions. We never make an offer after evaluating only the initial documentation. We always talk to the potential client. We look for weaknesses in the project, analyse it and propose more innovative or, on the contrary, time - tested solutions. Cheaper does not mean worse, in many cases, cheaper means smarter. Of course, we spend a lot of time and attention on this.
We use technological tools and digitalise our activities. This allows us to identify project errors in real time, without slowing down the construction process, and to find solutions to them quickly. We avoid increased budgets, downtime or other problems often faced by builders.
We track pricing data in real time. We calculate projects based on the accuracy of the moment. This means that we don't determine margins once a year, but can do it on a project - by - project basis. Therefore, we offer a price based on the real situation, not a simulated one.
We analyse workforce data. We maximise the efficient use of human resources, because with live information about which employees are doing what, when and where, we can allocate them efficiently, avoiding downtime and preventing overstaffing on any one site. In other words, we avoid unnecessary costs.

Our sales statistics

5 mln. 2018
9 mln. 2019
15 mln. 2020
21 mln. 2021
30 mln. 2022
44.6 mln. 2023


In order to implement our obligations, meet the needs of the clients, protect the environment and health of our employees, enhance our position in the market, we have implemented an integrated quality, environmental, employee safety and health management system in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. Furthermore, the competences of our employees have been assessed with the official activity and ability recognition document “STATREG”.


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