JSC “Gilesta” – modern and reliable general contractor and construction company.

Competence, reliability, efficiency, responsibility and sustainability – values, ​​that allow us to achieve our goals – today we are happy to be recognized as a rapidly growing and successful business company and a worthy partner.

The company is engaged in:

We build engineering networks, carry out projects related to the renovation of cultural heritage objects. JSC “Gilesta” coordinate the entire construction process.


  • Sales in 2017: 3.25 million
  • Sales in 2018: 5 million
  • Sales in 2019: 9 million
  • Sales in 2020: 15 million
  • Sales in 2021: 21 million
  • Planed sales in 2022: 30 million

Continuous improvement, high qualification and competence of employees, innovative work execution solutions – our key to the quality of project implementation and effective implementation of customer needs.

In order to fulfill our obligations, meet customer needs, protect the environment and employees’ health and strengthen our position in the market, we have implemented an integrated quality, environmental, employee safety and health management system in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. Also, our employees have been assessed for competencies and have an official document recognizing their activities and abilities “STATREG”.