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In Pilaitė district starts construction work of a kindergarten

September 13, 2023

'Gilesta' has been entrusted with the responsibility of building a modern kindergarten where more than 300 children will be able to enjoy, grow and create every day. We know what we are doing and we are confident that this kindergarten will be exceptional - not only in terms of quality, but also sustainability.

We are building this project for the happiness and the future of the children, as we would like to be symbolised by the capsule laying ceremony this Tuesday.

The new nursery school will have two floors and a U-shaped layout, with a total floor area of around 3 500 sq m. On the ground floor there will be a kitchen, laundry facilities with direct access from the outside, as well as a caretaker's room, a workshop, a gym/activity room and auxiliary rooms. The gym/event hall is designed to provide direct access to the outside and to allow for a variety of events to take place both inside and outside during the warm season.  

Thank you to our partners for building community together and contributing to a more beautiful and sustainable Vilnius!

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