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Challenges for the construction market in 2024

January 16, 2024

At the start of a new year, we always try to take stock and analyse the challenges that lie ahead, which the company has been facing for several years in a row.

What will be the most pressing this year?

- One of the most important challenges this year will probably be the change in the procedure for issuing building permits. Although the permitting process itself will be shorter and we welcome this change, it will undoubtedly add uncertainty and encourage everyone to review their processes. There may also be changes in the market.

- In 2024, the requirement for a mandatory general contractor for a construction project will also come into force, which will also create some changes in the market and generate a number of discussions. This seems to be a positive development that will improve the quality of the construction sector, as the general contractor will be required to bear all the risks for the building, the site process, the responsibility to monitor compliance with occupational safety and other requirements.

- And, of course, there are the topics that we have been talking about for some time: the issues of ecology in construction, which are slowly, but slowly, making their way into our sector's concerns; the continuing challenges of the cost of materials, the rise in interest rates and the shortage of workers.

There is no shortage of issues in the construction sector, and just as we have never expected a quiet year before, we do not expect one this year, but we are calm in the knowledge that 2024 will be a successful year

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